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Galley Upgrade - A little goes a long way

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

1. Pictured above is the original galley on the boat. Plain marine plywood walls, Corian countertops and a limited amount of power for appliances. We saw this space as a perfect opportunity to add a little color to the main living area of the boat and create an updated feel.

2. A little backsplash and the space already feels open and updated! For months, we researched peel-and-stick tiles versus contact paper, porcelain tiles and so on. Porcelain was ruled out pretty early on in the process. Although there are a huge array of options and styles to choose from, the idea of having to grout, cut and place the tiles was not something we wanted to spend our time on. Then, of course, you have to consider how it will fare when underway. Tiles cracking or falling off the wall would not be an ideal situation.

When looking at contact paper, we ultimately could not find a product we were happy with due to the lack of texture. We researched every and I mean EVERY company we could find that sold or manufactured tile alternatives. Ultimately, we landed on peel-and-stick backsplash from Smart Tiles. It's practical for living on the water, easy to clean and extremely easy to install.

Smart Tiles in Muretto Brino $7/tile on Amazon

3. The installation on these tiles was SO easy. It took Kaci one day with a utility knife and about 7 packs of tiles (four 12 x 12 squares in a pack) and by dinner time, we had a bright, new galley. It's as simple as:

A. Wipe down the surface thoroughly will an all purpose cleaner (we use eco-friendly wipes which work for any dirty job on the boat). Dry the area completely to ensure a good bond with the tiles.

Green Works compostable wipes on Amazon -14.88 / 3pack

B. Check the dimensions with a straight edge and determine whether or not the area you are working in is square. THIS STEP IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. If you want the final product to look its best, do not skip this step. The tiles interlock in a very specific way, they are perfect 12"x12" square sheets - if your space is not 100% square (chances are, it's not) you will have to determine where you may need to cut the tiles to fit the space. Our wall space was pretty close, but got gradually wider as I worked my way towards the stove. I chose to line up my tiles with the counter top and shave off any extra/add slivers of tile at the top where it is mostly hidden by trim.

Straight edge tool on Amazon - 23.06

Utility knife on Amazon - 12.98/ 2-pack

C. Before you place your first tile, decide if you want to add a finishing trim. We chose to use Fasade tile trim which cuts with scissors and slides onto the edge of the tile to create a well finished edge.

Fasade Vinyl Edge Trim for peel-and-stick $15 (4' long) from Amazon

D. Once you've cut and placed your trim onto the edge of your tiles you are ready to start placing them. Just peel, stick and give them a good wipe with a clean cloth to firmly press the tile down and secure adhesion. Thats it! A quick, great alternative to tradition tile with no mess whatsoever.

We're loving the look of these tiles in our galley. It's fresh, fun and brings a little bit of home out to sea.

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