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What a hoggie!

What a hoggie!

Sea Archer Hawaiian Sling

George's preferred spearing piece, this sling packs a lot of power into a compact design.

Hawaiian Sling Shaft

Headhunter Hawaiian sling shafts with an integrated slip-tip. Perfect for soft fish and/or long shots. These are 9/32" heat treated shafts with a slide ring setup on the back-end and our deadly slip tip on the business end.

Hammerhead Mask + Mount

A must-have for anyone who wants to record underwater. Now you can record the fish that you spear!

Rheos Floating Sunglasses

Our favorite sunnies for being out on the water. Fashionable, quality lenses and best of all....they float!

3mm Camouflage Wetsuit

George's go-to wetsuit. At around $70 it is on the lower end for price which means that you won't mind if it gets torn up on the coral or rocks (which it does!)

Heavy Duty Diving Gloves

We both have a pair of these gloves (George has large, Kaci medium). Perfect for handling lobster and protecting your hands from sharp coral.

Cressi Stainless Steel Dive Knife

A good dive knife with a push-release button.

SEAC Freediver Fins

Our first foray into freediving fins, these moulded plastic fins are a huge improvement on standard snorkeling fins, and wont break the bank

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