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Hammerhead Surprise

Hammerhead Surprise

Hammerhead Mask + Mount

A must-have for anyone who wants to record underwater. Now you can record the fish that you spear!

3mm Camouflage Wetsuit

George's go-to wetsuit. At around $70 it is on the lower end for price which means that you won't mind if it gets torn up on the coral or rocks (which it does!)

Cressi Rubber Weight Belt

A quality rubber weight belt.

Heavy Duty Diving Gloves

We both have a pair of these gloves (George has large, Kaci medium). Perfect for handling lobster and protecting your hands from sharp coral.

Cressi Stainless Steel Dive Knife

A good dive knife with a push-release button.

SEAC Freediver Fins

Our first foray into freediving fins, these moulded plastic fins are a huge improvement on standard snorkeling fins, and wont break the bank

Cressi Pole Spear Slip Tip

A great accessory for your pole spear. Always have a spare!

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