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Crooked Island

Crooked Island

Portable Washing Machine

Yes, you CAN have a washing machine on your boat. This measures just over 16" wide and washes almost 8lbs. We are able to do all our bedding at once. We LOVE it

Batteries: Windy Nation 100Ah

At under $200 delivered, and matching our existing battery bank, these were a great buy.

UV Water Purifier

Easy inline install to your current water line. 2 Gallons per minute UV water purifier kit. We paired it with a flow sensor and a nice faucet.

Garmin InReach

Fact - sometimes you won't have a phone signal. This satellite communicator enables you send or receive messages wherever you are (cell signal or not) and also provides real time tracking so that friends and family can see you.

Handsfree Clip On Lights

These lights are so handy when you're working in a tight space and need two hands. Clip them on your baseball cap. Charge with USB.

Dingy Boarding Step

So useful to help you get into the dingy from the water.

Magnetic Phone Holder

For wherever you need to hold you phone. These super strong magnets keep your phone in place no matter how to the boat is rocking.

Bahamas & Caribbean Flags

Rather than buy them individually, but this string of flags to use for each country to travel to. Each is 12"x18", perfect for boat flags!

Rollable Dish Rack

Lay it over your sink for draining, or as a heatproof mat. This flexible dish rack is ideal for a small kitchen

6-Speed Buffer Polisher

Let this do the hard work for you by polishing up the dull gel-coat. Works like a charm!

Water Filter

Attach this to your hose to filter the dock water to take out the impurities. A low cost must-have item.

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