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Solar Panels: All Powers Flexible Solar Panel 100W

At under $200 and matching the size of the existing ones on our bimini, these were a perfect add-on. They are really lightweight, flexible and give a good output for the money.

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Recessed Ceiling LED Lights

One of our favorite upgrades was replacing the 'dome' shaped lights in the salon and cabin ceilings with these. Perfectly modern looking and dimmable too!

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UV Water Purifier

Easy inline install to your current water line. 2 Gallons per minute UV water purifier kit. We paired it with a flow sensor and a nice faucet.

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Brass Water Faucet

We wanted something to match the brushed nickel kitchen faucet, and low enough that it wouldn't get in the way of anything. At 7" tall this was perfect and we used push-connect fittings to connect it to the UV water purifier outlet.

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Teak Oil Finishing Oil

A beautiful finish and long lasting! We refinished our outdoor teak decks with this oil at the start of cruising season and the color has been going strong ever since.

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LED 12V Strip Lights

These are the lights we used in our bedroom and around the exterior salon windows. They are waterproof, colored, 12v and can be controlled from a remote or your phone via bluetooth. We love them!

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Low Flow Shower Head

In upgrading our showers, we replaced the shower/faucet combo shower heads, as we wanted something that used less water. These have 3 settings so you can move between a fine spray and a solid flow. We liked them so much we bought a second for our other bathroom.

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Lamp with built in USB and outlet

This is a big feature in our salon. It gives us some nice ambient light in in the evening, and the USB ports mean we can our devices without looking around for one of those cube adaptors!

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12v USB ports

We added one of these to our flybridge and one to our dingy! They can connect directly to the battery if needed, and are great for keeping your phone, iPad or even a speaker powered while on the go.

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Colorful Fairy Lights with Remote

Easy to install and discrete enough so as to not draw attention to the cord, these lights are perfect for some outdoor flair. We strung them up in our cockpit to add a bit of outdoor ambiance or create minimal light for a movie night.

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Batteries: Windy Nation 100Ah

At under $200 delivered, and matching our existing battery bank, these were a great buy.

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Bluetooth Gateway

Allows you to connect your smartphone to the Balmar Battery Monitor

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Water Flow Switch

Since we didn't want a manual on/off switch, we installed this flow sensor switch to power the UV filter. I did have to replace the bulb connector with the one from the UV water purifier kit, but it was an easy switch.

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Teak Oil Cleaner & Brightener

A must when caring for your teak decking. The best part about this product is the two-in-one feature. Because, well, who wants to spend more time cleaning than you have to?! It's quick, easy and leaves your teak looking like new even without any oiling.

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