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Rheos Floating Sunglasses

Our favorite sunnies for being out on the water. Fashionable, quality lenses and best of all....they float!

Pair for $40 on Amazon

Fishing Rod Holders

We have two of these holders on the rear of our boat, and two mounted on the dingy. Make sure you tighten all the screws when putting them on, and protect your rails with rubber or tape if you don't want scratches. Great value.

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Hammock Chair

Kaci's favorite spot to hangout! We suspend this from our dingy crane and she relaxes the day away!

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Giant Inflatable Mat

So much fun! Don't want to spend the cash on a big foam mat? Get this instead! It's huge! Stays afloat with enough room for about 4 people and best of all it's compact and unpacks/pumps up easily with a hand pump.

Under $50 on Amazon

Underwater Video Camera

It is no coincidence this camera has over 11k ratings on Amazon and 4.5 stars. For under $50 this is an great value camera. It is not the quality of a Go-Pro, but you won't be disappointed for the price. Comes with attachments.

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Dingy Boarding Step

So useful to help you get into the dingy from the water.

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Water shoes

Inexpensive and effective. We use these to keep our diving fins secure underwater and whenever we come across a rocky shore on beach days. The rubber sole gives you a good grip and they dry quickly onboard.

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Inflatable Paddle Board

Sturdy and quick to assemble. You can pack this paddle board down at the end of the season to keep it safe during any weather or if you're making a long passage. We love it because it can fit in the hatches, uses up minimal space and comes with a storage bag.

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Men's Hooded Rash Guard

George always wears this under his wetsuit for extra warmth. 1mm neoprene with a hood.

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Beach Towel Set

Soft towels with a nautical feel and a good price! These not only feel great but look great rolled up in a basket in the cockpit.

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Fixed Blade Machete with Sheath

Can you say coconuts?! The best tool around for cracking open those sweet jellies! This machete also features a bonus serrated blade on one side and comes with a sturdy sheath for storage.

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Extendable Selfie Stick with Remote

This selfie stick features a detachable, rechargeable remote, extending tripod base and compact design. An easy way to take a bit of camera gear with you and capture all your cruising moments!

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