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Cordless Vacuum

If you are looking for the perfect vacuum for the boat, we think this is it. We actually had the Dyson version of this at our house, which is a lot more expensive. For around $120 this simply can't be beaten. Ideal for rolling around on the floor to pick up bits, and it works equally well on our master cabin carpet.

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Brass Water Faucet

We wanted something to match the brushed nickel kitchen faucet, and low enough that it wouldn't get in the way of anything. At 7" tall this was perfect and we used push-connect fittings to connect it to the UV water purifier outlet.

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Rollable Dish Rack

Lay it over your sink for draining, or as a heatproof mat. This flexible dish rack is ideal for a small kitchen

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UV Water Purifier

Easy inline install to your current water line. 2 Gallons per minute UV water purifier kit. We paired it with a flow sensor and a nice faucet.

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24 Jar Spice Kit

These are a perfect combination of high quality spices with strong magnetic lids. You will feel confident that they'll stay in place underway as well as bring a little style to your galley.

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Water Flow Switch

Since we didn't want a manual on/off switch, we installed this flow sensor switch to power the UV filter. I did have to replace the bulb connector with the one from the UV water purifier kit, but it was an easy switch.

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Food Vacuum Sealer

This is our go-to kitchen gadget when we are storing fish or freezing veggies. It keeps everything fresh and ready to freeze for long periods of time. It is also essential for keeping any unwanted smells out of your fridge or freezer.

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