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Rogue Wave Pro DB Wifi Extender

We LOVE our Rogue Wave Wifi Antenna. It has dual-band capabilities (2.4Ghz & 5Ghz) in a rugged case. And most importantly, it is easy to use! Plug-and-play.

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Solar Panels: All Powers Flexible Solar Panel 100W

At under $200 and matching the size of the existing ones on our bimini, these were a perfect add-on. They are really lightweight, flexible and give a good output for the money.

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Balmar Battery Monitor

Winner of the Electronics Category at the International Boat Show Exhibiiton 2018, this battery monitor shows you accurate power consumption, remaining Ah and an innovatoive 'State of Health'.

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12v USB ports

We added one of these to our flybridge and one to our dingy! They can connect directly to the battery if needed, and are great for keeping your phone, iPad or even a speaker powered while on the go.

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Wave Wifi MBR-500 Router with Sim

The one amazing unit that has it all! Taking inputs from your wifi antenna as well as a sim card slot, this router seamlessly switches over to give continuous access. I think of this as the 'Apple' brand of router - it costs a bit more than the others, but it simply 'just works'. The low stress is worth it.

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LED 12V Strip Lights

These are the lights we used in our bedroom and around the exterior salon windows. They are waterproof, colored, 12v and can be controlled from a remote or your phone via bluetooth. We love them!

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Bluetooth Gateway

Allows you to connect your smartphone to the Balmar Battery Monitor

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Magnetic Phone Holder

For wherever you need to hold you phone. These super strong magnets keep your phone in place no matter how to the boat is rocking.

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Wave Wifi Cellular Antenna

Mount this as high as you can! A perfect companion to the MBR-550 unit, funnels the cell signal directly into it. Especially good for the islands when the cell towers can be far away.

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Batteries: Windy Nation 100Ah

At under $200 delivered, and matching our existing battery bank, these were a great buy.

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Heat Shrink Connectors

A necessity for every boat owner! A box of heat shrink connectors for wire sizes 10-22 AWG. We use these all the time when connecting pumps, fuses and our puck lights!

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